April 2016 Chile Praise & Prayer Letter

The first 8 verses of Ecclesiastes 3 remind us that there is a “time for everything”.  Verse 1 reads, There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.  What is perhaps harder to grasp than the concept of the timing of stages and seasons is to trust in the knowledge that God is the one and only controller of timing.  This does not detract in any way from his call of us or his good purposes and plans through us but rather benefits us and conforms it all to his will.

We have seen this truth play itself out time and time again on the mission field.  Isaiah calls it in chapter 40:31 “hoping (waiting) in the Lord”.  We might say that nothing is begun OR ENDED, before God himself says so.  In that light we’ve all experienced God’s timing in our lives in the stages and seasons we find ourselves in and it is He who would receive the glory in it all.

We would like to start our April letter off with some praises:

  • After initially finding a house to serve our needs to rent and move to in April it appeared that it wouldn’t happen after all, due to some important necessary repairs, an increase in the monthly rent initially quoted, and their restriction against our having a guard dog on the property. Nearing April we received a call from the owners lowering the rent back to its original quote, removing the restriction against having a dog, and saying that the repairs were well under way.  We signed the lease today, April 1, and will have access to the house beginning April 4.  PTL!

Our moving from our mission property/children’s residence frees up needed space to receive children.  The first couple to receive them, Ross and Raquel, are already living in one of our property houses.  We must trust God’s timing of these important steps.  Please pray that we are successful in finding and hiring the right Christian Chilean woman to direct our work with abandoned children.

  • Our steps toward the legalization and development of the new Christian Camp/Center in middle Chile also continue to move forward. The team has been meeting in March and we hope this month to better define the exact land we’ll be able to count on and also be able to initiate the legal steps necessary to insure the land’s purpose and vision going forward.  Please pray for good progress this month in these steps.  There are several people involved and we would operate as a team that is “one in spirit and purpose” Philippians 2:2.
  • God, in his perfect timing, is bringing Todd Kepschull closer to being able to be sent from Cornerstone Christian Church to be a full-time missionary with us in Chile. Todd continues to seek supporting churches and individuals who will be a part of his support team through prayer and/or financial support.  His website www.cornerstonechilemission.org  is excellent!  It gives Todd’s contact information as well.  Please pray for Todd’s April progress and resulting arrival in Santiago.
  • Lastly, please continue to pray for Millarai. The surgeon ended up amputating Milla’s left leg just above the knee to make sure that he removed all of the tumor areas of the leg.  Pray for Milla’s adjustment to this impacting change and for what it means.  We are still not sure of the time it will take for her leg to heal in order to be fitted with her prosthetic.   She seems to accept this as just another step and stage in many she has already been through.  The doctors also say that it is likely, due to the bone cancer she has, that tumors will return.  Her long-term prognosis is not good.  Yet we are praying and encouraging Milla forward, as she and we look to all of what God would do through her life.  As our beginning verses indicate, nothing is begun OR ENDED, before God himself says so.  Milla and twin sister Ana are now living in a home for girls in another suburb of Santiago.  From the staff we have met, it seems like a very good placement for them.

Here are photos to help you thank the Lord and pray for the above April prayer focuses:

P1020452a     P1010409a     5a Todd1     Feb. 2016

Praising, praying, and fasting as we all serve Our Perfect-Timing God,                       

Jack & Janine

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