Every now and then God presents us with special ministry possibilities to connect to in some way for a limited or more lengthy time (set by him). Such an opportunity came our way when we learned in February, 2014, that Millarai was hospitalized here in Santiago with bone cancer.  She and her twin sister, Ana Catalina, where among the first children to live in our residence for abandoned children.  They arrived in April, 2010, at nine years of age and left to live with relatives in Antofagasta (northern), Chile in December, 2011.  That was a real victory in the Lord, as very few of the residence children left to live with extended family elsewhere.  The situation changed as Milla became a part of GOD’S SPECIAL EXTRAS in our ministry.

A cancer growth was discovered and treated in 2014 on the outside of Milla’s left knee on her tibia (upper leg bone) and then returned in early 2016.  The cancer name is osteosarcoma and it is a type of very complicated bone cancer. Her doctors’ came to a decision entering March 2016 to amputate Milla’s left leg just above the knee and this was done on March 9, 2016.  Her cancer, however, spread to her lungs and on July 29, 2016 she died.

Below are photos taken “along the way”….

Milla clown
OUTING 6.15.2014A

     Reason for gratitude and praise:

  • Living in our residence for children between April, 2010, and Dec. 2011, Milla and Ana learned about Jesus.
  • Milla was baptized in our church on May 31, 2015.
  • Ana was baptized on February 21, 2016.
  • God was with Milla all the way and she has an eternal home with him.

Pictured below are some photos of the girls’ baptisms–first Milla’s and then Ana’s.



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